What is the APPLE Training Institute?

The APPLE Training Institutes, developed and coordinated by the University of Virginia's Gordie Center and funded by the NCAA since 1991, are the leading national substance misuse prevention and health promotion conferences for student-athletes and athletics department administrators.  Read More!

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On a Wednesday night in the fall of 2019, two University of North Carolina Charlotte (UNCC) students were in their residence hall bathroom. One student was very sick after a night of drinking, while the other was trying to help his sick friend— holding him up, talking with him, and staying with him.
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APPLE: Growing Beyond Athletics

“Going into it I thought: If the conference was not good, at least the food could be good,” Tim Kennedy, Director of Student-Athlete Development and Leadership at the University of Texas at Arlington, told us when we asked him about why he deci

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Does Drinking Kill Your Gains?

Ultimately, the answer is yes; alcohol can kill your gains. Unfortunately, this means that celebrating your team’s big win with some post-action drinking may not be the best idea–especially if you have practice in the near future, or more significantly, another match.
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The APPLE Training Institute is developed and coordinated by staff at the Gordie Center at the University of Virginia