2024 APPLE Division II-only School Registration

This form registers your school for the 2024 Division II-only APPLE Training Institute. Upon submission, you will receive email confirmation. Information about individual participant registration will be sent separately by email.
Team Contact's Role(s)

Cancelation Policy

Any changes to your campus team after airfares have been issued will be made at the expense of the institution. Airfares are non-refundable and non-transferable. They are issued to individuals rather than the institutions and may not be re-issued if team members change. NCAA Division II must be reimbursed for airfares purchased for the original team member before airfares for the new team members can be authorized. 

If your campus cancels attendance at the APPLE Training Institute after January 19, 2024, you will be asked to reimburse any expenses incurred, including flight arrangements, hotel accommodations and meals as these charges will have been confirmed with the hotel.