Division II-Only APPLE Training Institute

2024 Division II APPLE Training Institute webinar slides

How often does NCAA Division II sponsor an APPLE Training Institute?

DII-only APPLE Training Institutes are sponsored every 18 to 24 months. The next DII-only APPLEs will be in February 2024 and fall 2025.

Who submits nominations?  Nominations are sent to Division II staff by conference commissioners.

How many institutions can be nominated?  Division II conferences are encouraged to nominate two institutions.

How is my institution nominated? Reach out to a Division II commissioner to express your interest in being nominated. 

Who is the team contact? The team contact is the institutional representative willing to lead the prevention team. This person can be an athletics administrator, student affairs officer, coach, faculty member, etc.

What is the prevention team? The prevention team is a group of individuals from the institution who will participate in the Division II APPLE Training Institute and develop their athletics department’s substance misuse prevention plan.

Who is on the prevention team? Four to six individuals – at least two must be student-athletes. At least one member must be a full-time employee of the campus. Administrator representation is not limited to individuals working within the athletics department. Consider inviting health educators, the faculty athletics representative and/or student-affairs professionals to ensure diverse perspectives and skills.

What are the requirements for student-athlete attendees? Their eligibility must not expire prior to the next academic year following APPLE. Rising sophomores and juniors are encouraged. Work to ensure your team representative of your campus and athletic department demographics.

What expenses are covered for the Division II-Only APPLE Training Institute?

  • Hotel rooms on Friday and Saturday night (double occupancy for student-athletes and single occupancy for administrators).
  • Meals beginning with the Friday dinner through Sunday breakfast.
  • Travel to and from the APPLE hotel city.
  • Please note, any changes to the prevention team after airfares have been issued will be made at the expense of the institution.
  • One-time stipend of $100 per participant for incidentals, such as ground transportation and meals not provided at the conference. This stipend will be issued to the individual participants, and may not be issued to the institution.

When are institutions notified if they are selected or not? Institutions selected for the February 2024 APPLE were emailed on August 31st.

Who is notified about the selection? The team contact, identified on the initial nomination form, will be contacted by the APPLE Training Institute staff at the University of Virginia’s Gordie Center regarding specific details and next steps.

What happens to institutions that were interested, but not selected to attend? Institutions not selected for the February 2024 Division II APPLE Training Institute may register for either of the Association-wide APPLE Training Institutes, which will be held from January12-14, in Charlottesville, Virginia; and January 19-21, 2024, in Newport Beach, California. In addition to the $400 campus registration fee, each institution is responsible for the travel expenses for each team member. The APPLE Training Institute provides double occupancy hotel rooms for Friday and Saturday night, plus meals Friday dinner through Sunday breakfast. 

How do I register for the Association-wide APPLE Training Institute? Registration information for the January 2024 Association-wide APPLE Training Institute will be posted after Labor Day at APPLEathletics.org.

    Who can I contact if I have more questions/concerns?