Promoting Student-Athlete Wellness and Substance Abuse Prevention

APPLE Digital Tools

The Gordie Center's APPLE Athletics offers short videos that meet student-athlets where they are to help them protect the things they value. Please download and use these free resources. We also offer virtual 1-hour presentations and trainings for a fee.

Short Educational Videos:

View our videos on YouTube to find the embed code for each one. This will allow you to embed the video on your website or in your presentations (click the Share arrow at the bottom of the video, and look for the <Embed> code). You can also share them on your social media directly from YouTube. We have also included the full video files for download below if you want to save the .mov file or share to Instagram.


APPLE Athletics: Positive Team Building .mov file:  Positive Team Building

APPLE Athletics: How Alcohol Impacts Athletic Performance .mov file:  How Alcohol Impacts Athletic Performance