Promoting Student-Athlete Wellness and Substance Abuse Prevention


Disciplinary actions related to infractions of ATOD polices are appropriate to the number and type of infractions, clearly specified, and well-disseminated.  They are also uniformly enforced across all teams, cheerleaders, student managers and student athletic trainers. 

Model Programs:

Division I

Student Athlete Handbook (p. 10-20) - Virginia Tech

  • Provides a detailed, four-phase approach to a failed drug test and includes sanctions specific to marijuana use.

Student Athlete Handbook (p. 52-54) - Kent State University

  • The policy details the responsibilities of the student-athlete that tested positive, the head coach and the Athletic Team Physician. Sanctions are described for positive chemical tests and missed (no show) tests.

Division II

Student-Athlete Handbook (p. 34) - Lincoln Memorial University

  • The policy outlines the drug testing and notification process and has separate detailed sanctioning policies for alcohol and for other drugs.

Division III

Program information coming soon!