Promoting Student-Athlete Wellness and Substance Abuse Prevention



Division II APPLE Training Institute

September 22-24, 2017 | Reston, Virgina


When is the deadline for nominations?

Nominations must be received by March 15, 2017.

Who submits nominations?

Nominations are to be sent by Division II commissioners.

How many institutions can be nominated?

Division II conferences are encouraged to nominate two institutions.

What is required for each nomination?

The conference office should submit an Attendee Nomination Form, found on page three of this document, for each nominated institution. They may nominate up to two institutions interested in attending. The form outlines the necessary information for each nomination. (Interested institutions will send a “prevention” team of four to six individuals, led by a team contact, to the conference) The Division II APPLE Training Institute staff will follow up with the institution(s) to gather additional information.

Do members of the institutional “prevention” team need to be identified by March 15?

No, they do not need to be identified by the deadline. The institution’s “prevention” team will be created by mid-June. Please note, any changes to the “prevention” team after airfares have been issued will be made at the expense of the institution.

Who is the “team contact?”

The team contact is the institutional representative willing to lead the “prevention” team. He/she can be an athletics administrator, student affairs officer, coach, faculty member, etc.

What is the “prevention” team?

The “prevention” team is a group of individuals from the institution who will participate in the Division II APPLE Training Institute and develop their athletics department’s substance abuse strategic plan.

Who is on the “prevention” team?

Four to six individuals – at least two must be student-athletes. Administrator representation is not limited to individuals working within the athletics department.

What are the requirements for student-athlete attendees?

Their eligibility must not expire prior to the 2017-2018 academic year. Rising sophomores and juniors are encouraged.

Where are nominations sent?

Nominations should be sent to Lisa Rogers at by Wednesday, March 15, 2017.

When are institutions notified if they are selected or not?

Institutions will be notified by Monday, April 17, 2017.

Who is notified about the selection?

The team contact, identified on the initial nomination form, will be contacted by the Division II APPLE Training Institute staff regarding specific details and next steps.

How many Division II institutions are able to attend?

The maximum number of institutions able to attend is 40.

What happens if there are more than 40 institutions nominated?

If there are more than 40 institutions nominated, some conferences will be limited to one.

What happens to institutions that were interested, but not selected to attend?

Institutions not selected for the September 2017 Division II APPLE Training Institute may register for the Association-wide APPLE Training Institutes, which will be held in January 2018.  Registration for the Association-wide institutes opens in August 2017.

How do I register for the January 2018 Association-wide APPLE Training Institute?

More information and registration requirements for the January 2018 Association-wide APPLE Training Institute can be found at:

What expenses are covered for the Division II APPLE Training Institute?

  • Shared double occupancy hotel rooms on Friday and Saturday night;
  • Meals beginning with the Friday dinner through Sunday breakfast;
  • Travel to and from Reston, Virginia;
  • One-time stipend of $75 per participant for incidentals, such as ground transportation and meals not provided at the institute. This stipend will be issued to the individual participants, and may not be issued to the institution.

Who can I contact if I have more questions/concerns?

Mary Wilfert, associate director of the Sport Science Institute, | 317-917-6319

Ryan Jones, associate director of Division II, | 317-917-6629

Lisa Rogers, administrative assistant for Division II, | 317-917-6776